The most popular styles in the furniture industry


Each historical epoch had its own style both in art, architecture and in the furniture industry. What were the characteristic features of furniture in Art Nouveau, Classicism or Modernism? This you will learn from the following entry. We will start with the Baroque…

1. Baroque interiors

Baroque is an era characterized by glamor and this is evident not only in art, but also in the furniture industry. The furniture was richly decorated – on the wooden armrests of the armchairs, the legs of the chairs and the tables had intricate gouging, the furniture upholstery was patterned, and the dominant color was gold.

2. Modernist furniture

The modernist style in the furniture industry is easily recognized first of all after geometric shapes of furniture. Modernism was focused on the usability and functionality of furniture. The decorations were completely abandoned. It was in modernism that chaise longues were created – couches similar in appearance to extended armchairs. Wood was often combined with other materials, e.g. glass.

3.Biedermeier – stylish furniture and antiques

Biedermeier is a nineteenth-century style in art and furniture, dominating mainly in Germany. Biedermeier furniture is characterized by a simple, natural and solid construction. A characteristic piece of furniture in the Biedermeier style is a round lacquered table supported by the so-called lira – streamlined, modestly carved legs. The Biedermeier style furniture is dominated by light pastel colors, upholstery, upholstery, etc. They were often decorated with tiny flowers or stripes.

4. Stylish Art Nouveau furniture

Secession is primarily a style in art that dominated in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This style also applies to one of the styles in the furniture industry. The main feature of stylish furniture in Art Nouveau was simplicity in both the shapes and decorations of furniture. Asymmetry dominated, flowers, mainly floral motifs and wavy lines. The furniture was made with great attention to detail, precision in decorating was an inseparable element of production.

5. Ludwik XVI style

Furniture of this type occurred during the reign of Louis XVI, that is in the period of classicism. The furniture was dominated by bright colors, symmetry, simple construction and regularity of furniture. Most often, desks, low wardrobes and chests of drawers were manufactured. The decoration was not as rich as it was in Art Nouveau.

6. Contemporary furniture

Currently, the furniture industry is distinguished by many different styles. The most popular interiors include Scandinavian, rustic, industrial and loft style. Each of them is different, has its characteristic determinants both in furniture and in accessories, wall colors, etc.


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