The most expensive furniture in the world


Furniture from the top shelf does not come from the 21st century, and from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. Their value determines both the year of production and the noble material from which they were created. Currently, some of the most expensive furniture are Italian, French and Spanish furniture.

1. Baldacchino bed

Baldacchino bed is the most famous, because the most expensive bed in the world. What is its phenomenon? First of all, it was made of the most noble types of wood, ie chestnut, ash and cherry. Its value is also emphasized by 24-carat gold and other precious stones that were used to decorate the bed. The bed was made by hand from beginning to end. The Baldacchino bed is elegant and stylish, made on the model of furniture from the times of Louis XVI. The price of the bed is over 6 million dollars.

2. Bugatti desk

The Bugatti desk is a modern desk made in the image of the exclusive racing cars of the French Bugatti brand. A special aluminum alloy was used to make the desk. In addition, an Apple monitor was mounted in the desk, which can be hidden when not in use. The price of the desk is 240,000 dollars.

3. An elegant table by Thomas Tufft

Thomas Tufft, a famous American artisan, created a hand-carved table worth over $ 4.5 million. The eighteenth-century table was made of mahogany wood. Its characteristic feature is intricate decorating and unconventional shape.

4. Dragon Chair

The author of the armchair design was the French architect Eileen Gray. The chair was made in 1917-1919. In 2009, he was sold at the auction for 28.3 million dollars. The backrest and seat of the dragon’s seat was made of leather, while its sophisticated, carved legs, being an extension of the handrails, were made of the highest quality wood.

5. Badminton Cabinet

Without a doubt, it is the most expensive, the most valuable and the most magnificent piece of furniture in the world. The 18th century Badminton Cabinet was created for 12 years! The furniture is richly decorated, contains intricate gold ornaments, sculptures, coats of arms. Noble ebony wood was used for production. The height of the wardrobe is about 4 meters. The value of the wardrobe is exactly 36.7 million dollars. For this price it was auctioned in 2004. Currently, the wardrobe is located in the Liechtenstein Palace in Vienna.

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