Several ways to make furniture from recyclable materials


Recycled furniture? Why not! Now everything that is ecological is fashionable and it is not just about healthy and organic food that is not sustainable. Furniture made from recovery are both eco and trends. What’s more, they provide good quality at a minimum production cost. Below are some interesting proposals for furniture from recyclable materials.

1. Wooden boxes

Wooden boxes are now a hit. They are used not only in interiors, but also in gardens, on balconies, terraces … Old fruit boxes can be transformed into modern shelves, tables and even seats. Perfect for interiors arranged in a rustic or Scandinavian style. The only thing you should do is clean them and paint them in any color (usually white). If we care about the seat, it would be good to strengthen them from the inside and attach to them a comfortable, soft pillow.

2. Cardboard furniture

Cardboard is a thick, multi-layer paper material, usually used for food storage, packaging of products or printing. It turns out that used cardboard is also a great material from which you can produce furniture! Several layers of multilayered cardboard allow you to create a comfortable seat, such as an armchair. Just a bit of imagination and good intentions. These types of seats will work in every room. They are very comfortable, ecological, light and cheap. You can decorate them, paint them, etc.

3. Table and chairs made of pallets

Furniture from pallets is the latest trend, which is used both on your own and public use. Independent furniture is currently very fashionable. Furniture made of pallets will work in interiors, but also outside the premises, for example on the terrace, balcony or in the garden. All you need to do is get a few pallets to make a set of lounge furniture. If you add comfortable pillows, these furniture will prove not only ecological and cheap, but also very comfortable. Furniture from palettes perfectly match modern arrangements.

4. Table from old boards

In old, often abandoned construction objects, you can often find unnecessary, damaged boards. With the help of appropriate tools and equipment (preferably carpentry), you can create truly real works of art! Currently, many furniture manufacturers are focused on the production of furniture from old wood. The niche character of the furniture allows you to achieve a huge profit at a very low cost. Old boards, appropriate tools and artistic sense will be enough to create something unique, unique.

5. A chair made of metal cans

Cans are also a great material for the production of recycled furniture. You can create chairs with an original shape. The cans are easy to process – you can create them anyway, so creating a seat will be very simple. Instead of throwing the cans in the trash, it is better to store them in one place to later have the right amount of material to create. From cans you can also make interesting lanterns, flower pots, candlesticks, etc.

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