10 home ways to clean furniture


There are many specialized agents for removing stains on various types of furniture. Unfortunately, not all are effective and sometimes even the best and most expensive detergents can not cope with a persistent stain. Then you should use the home methods for cleaning the furniture. If we decide to clean the furniture with household methods, […]

The most expensive furniture in the world


Furniture from the top shelf does not come from the 21st century, and from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. Their value determines both the year of production and the noble material from which they were created. Currently, some of the most expensive furniture are Italian, French and Spanish furniture. 1. Baldacchino bed […]

Several ways to make furniture from recyclable materials


Recycled furniture? Why not! Now everything that is ecological is fashionable and it is not just about healthy and organic food that is not sustainable. Furniture made from recovery are both eco and trends. What’s more, they provide good quality at a minimum production cost. Below are some interesting proposals for furniture from recyclable materials. […]