10 stages of furniture production


Furniture. We use them every day. Without them, our apartments and houses would be empty and uncomfortable. But do we know how they arise? This article in a clear and transparent way will explain what steps wood goes through to become a beautiful and comfortable piece of furniture in our apartment. Stage 1 – furniture […]

List of the 10 most fun furniture in the world.


Furniture does not always have to be classic. Creative designers are competing in creating fun furniture. A lot of attention is also paid to the functionality of a particular piece of furniture. Here is a list of the funniest furniture. 1. Elegant leather sofa in the shape of a frog. Beautiful and elegant Toad sofa […]

The most popular wood species for furniture production


Currently, three types of wood are used for the production of furniture, ie pine, beech and oak. They are the most popular species, mainly because of their solidity, durability and color. Nevertheless, there are a number of other varieties of wood that are equally well suited for the production of furniture. 1. Pinewood The pine […]