Meet 10 ways to clean wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture is a decoration of every room. However, as with all the beautiful things you need to take care of them, so that they do not break down. Below are the 10 most effective ways to clean furniture.

1. Wood care products.

Usually, specialized means are used to clean furniture, which not only clean but also protect wood. There are many different cleaning products on the market, they have different forms. Some are in the form of a spray, others in the form of a paste. It is important not to apply this product directly on the piece of furniture, only to apply with a soft cloth. After cleaning the entire surface of the cabinet or table, dry everything thoroughly.

2. Microfiber cloth.

Cloths made of microfiber, are very soft and absorb water great. They are therefore ideal for cleaning furniture. When using these wipes, you do not need to add any chemicals. All you need is hot water. After each washing of the wooden furniture, be sure to wipe it dry.

3. Cotton cloth.

This cloth is also soft and absorbent. The cleaning rules are the same as for a microfibre cloth. Just soak a rag in warm water, wipe off the dust and wipe the equipment dry.

4. Ammonia.


It is a very good remedy for getting rid of mildew on wooden surfaces. The use of ammonia contributes to the removal of mold from wooden surfaces, and also protects against its re-emergence.

5. Vaseline cosmetic.

Vaseline handles all cracks and cracks on wood. Just apply a thin layer to the scratched area and leave it for a few hours. After expiration of the time, it should be rubbed into the furniture.

6. Wine cork.

Round traces of a mug or glass is your curse? Not any more! Rub the mark with the wine stopper and then wipe with a damp cloth. The trail will disappear as if by a magic wand.

7. Walnut.

Do you want to refresh the look of your furniture? Use peeled walnuts for this purpose. They are rich in oils that will give your furniture a shine. The effect is immediate.

8. Mayonnaise.

Stains after juice or coffee? You will get rid of them with … mayonnaise. Its fat texture makes it easy to remove stains after a spilled drink. Just apply a thin layer of mayonnaise to the stain and wait for it to dry. Then wipe with a wet cloth.

9. Wine vinegar and olive oil.

It is an ideal agent for cleaning and preserving wood. Wine vinegar will easily remove dirt, while olive oil absorbs deeply into the wood structure and moisturizes it, protecting it from excessive drying.

10. Lemon juice.

Lemon juice is good for everything. It turns out that it can be used not only in the food industry, but also during cleaning. In combination with warm water, it is an ideal agent for cleaning and polishing wood.

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