10 tips for caring for leather furniture

leather furniture

Leather furniture is very elegant and perfectly suits any living room. Unfortunately, due to the natural raw material from which they are made, such furniture is also very demanding. Here are ten, in our opinion, the most important rules for caring for the beauty of leather furniture.

1. Use of appropriate means for natural skin.

Natural leather is very susceptible to damage. That’s why you need to be very careful about products used for cleaning and maintenance of sofas. Use only those marked on the label that are intended for furniture made of genuine leather. If you do not know the manufacturer, check the opinions of customers and friends. You can also ask the seller for advice in the furniture store.

2. Furniture maintenance.

One of the properties of the skin is the loss of water. It shrinks and begins to crack. To avoid this, leather furniture should be preserved. Depending on the level of humidity in the room, the maintenance takes place at intervals of two to four months. Maintenance is best done using a stearine cream.

3. Using soft tips and cleaning cloths.

Frequent removal of dust from the surface of the leather sofa effectively prevents contamination of furniture. However, it should be remembered that these furniture are very easy to scratch. Therefore, use a vacuum cleaner with a soft tip and soft cloths to vacuum the leather sofa. Thanks to this advice, you will be sure that you will not destroy this valuable piece of furniture.

4. Immediate removal of stains.

Despite all efforts, sometimes I will stain our leather sofa. A quick response to this problem is very important. Immediate and thorough removal of the stain will prevent discoloration of the sofa.

5. Avoiding contact of leather furniture with animal and vegetable fat.

The leather surface of a sofa with human sweat and animal and vegetable fats should be avoided. If, however, a greasy stain appears, it is necessary to remove the excess fat as soon as possible with a dry (this is important!) Fabric.

6. Avoid using excessive water while cleaning the sofa.

Very soiled furniture can be cleaned with a soft cloth moistened in water with ordinary liquid. Frequent use of this solution is not recommended because it affects the appearance of the skin. After each wash, the sofa should be restored using the aforementioned stearin.

7. Avoiding jumping around the seat.

Good skin look is not enough for a leather sofa to decorate any living room. To keep the sofa in good condition, do not jump over her seat. This behavior causes cracking and distortion of the skin.

8. Avoiding contact between the couch and the animals.

Animals with claws and teeth can effectively destroy our sofa. If you have a dog or cat at home, think about whether the natural leather sofa will work in your home. You can choose sofas from organic leather, which is easier to maintain, and replacement of damaged upholstery is much cheaper. You can find beautiful, comfortable and affordable sofas at http://gontarzmobler.no

9. Even the use of a seat.

In the case of leather sofas, it is worth remembering to use the seat evenly. If the sofa bed is double, sit on one side and on the other side. This will prevent the formation of dents and tissues on the sofa.

10. Keeping the appropriate distance from the heat source.

As already mentioned, leather furniture is very susceptible to water loss. To reduce the risk of drying our sofa, of course beyond its regular maintenance? It is best to move the sofa away from the heat source, i.e. From the heater and the stove. It should also be remembered that the sun falling through the window also dries the skin and discolours it. When setting the sofa in your living room, make sure that it is not exposed to the sun.


By following the above tips, you will be sure that your sofa will serve you for many years.

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