10 things you do not know about wooden furniture.

1. Pine – the most commonly used material for furniture production.

Currently, pine is used for the production of wooden furniture on the European market. It is easy to process, available and cheap. Pine has overtaken the rankings of oak, spruce, ebony and hornbeam.

2. Sofa – the most frequently mentioned piece of furniture in the world.

According to statistics, it is the sofa that is the most frequently exchanged furniture in Europe and the USA. We average it every 8 years. Such a frequent mention of this furniture is associated with constantly changing trends in interior design.

3. Chair – convenience not for everyone.

Chairs for general use entered only in the sixteenth century. Previously, only high-born people could use them. The person who sat in the chair emphasized his superiority over the others. The oldest known chairs were used in ancient Egypt and served mainly for pharaohs and their family.

4. Sideboard – the most expensive piece of furniture in the world.

Dating from the eighteenth century, the ebony dresser was bought for 36 million dollars. Furniture in 1990 was bought and renovated by Barbara Piasecks-Jonson. An interesting fact is that the decoration of gold and emeralds lasted over 12 years.

5. The oldest chair in Europe

They were made of stone, they are dated to 2000 BC, and you can see them on the Greek island of Crete in the city of Knossos, in the ruins of the palace there. You can guess that this stone throne was not very comfortable.

6. Longevity of wooden furniture.

Wood is a raw material that can be stored up to 2000 years if stored properly. That is why furniture made of natural wood is characterized by very high durability. In addition, it is also worth mentioning that wood is a constantly working material, and that is why the piece of furniture made from it after a few years adjusts itself to the curvature of, for example, the floor.

7. The most popular serial sofa.

Among the most recognizable sofas featured in the series, the orange sofa from the Friends series occupies the leading position. This sofa was shown in every episode of the 10-year long series and was permanently remembered by the audience. In addition, bars and restaurants decorated like the model Central Perk are very popular all over the world.

8. The Nobel Prize table – the longest table in the world.

In Poland in Kashubia, the longest table of the world made of one piece of wood was made. The table is 35 meters long and weighs about 6 tons. It was made of 120 years old Douglas fir. The table was named the Nobel Prize table, in memory of the Polish Nobel Peace Prize received by Polish President Lech Wałęsa. At the same time, 230 adults can sit freely at the table.

9. Thonet chair – the most popular chair in the world.

The chair was created in 1859. Designed by Michael Thonet. Work on this project lasted 17 years. The furniture is made of bent beech wood. It owes its popularity to the fact that it is extremely durable, comfortable and light. Up to now, it has sold over 80 million copies, and this number is constantly growing, as it still enjoys the interest of customers. Interestingly, it was initially sold at the price of a bottle of wine.

10. Table – legacy of ancient Greece.

The history of the first tables goes back to ancient Greece. According to archaeologists, the first wooden and polished tables were made by Greeks between the 6th and the 4th centuries BC. You can comfortably enjoy meals and feast with them.

And do you know what dimensions a comfortable table should have? The ideal dimensions of the table are 70-75 cm high and about 60 cm long on the counter for each person.

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