10 most interesting ideas of hand-made furniture and accessories.

Own furniture and home accessories are very popular lately. We present a collection of the most interesting, in our opinion, ideas for interior design made using the DIY method.

1. A colonial style table

An interesting idea for interior design is to create a colonial table. This style is characterized by dark furniture made of solid mahogany or ebony wood. How to make a living room table in this style? The task, despite appearances, is simple. You need a pine board, dark paint, screwdrivers, screws and gold pins. After folding the table, we paint it with a dark stain to make it look like exotic wood. In places where you can see the screws, hammer in gold pins. Nada is a table with an industrial character.

2. Europallets

Europallets have become one of the most used materials for furniture production. Their use is huge. They are used for the production of home and garden furniture. You can also make flowerbeds and shelves from them. It all depends on the ingenuity of the contractor. In modern living rooms you can often find sofas made of europallets. Their making is child’s play. All you need to do is properly prepare the pallets, protect them with varnish, stain or paint, and finally add a soft pillow. Thanks to this, the sofa will become the decoration of the living room.

3. Bedside table

An interesting and at the same time very functional idea is to make a bedside table with the possibility of moving it over the bed. This is a great solution for people who like to spend a lot of free time in bed. Thanks to such a bedside table you can comfortably read a book, eat or work on a laptop in your bed. Creating such a table does not require much work. You will need three MDF boards, one longer, which should be 20-30 cm higher than the height of the bed, a connector about 10 cm, screws and brackets. Use the brackets to make the structure stable. After twisting all the elements, you should paint these modern furniture with any color or varnish. Such a table will certainly work in many bedrooms.

4. Wine rack

There are many ideas for creating a wine rack yourself. One of the most interesting and simplest is the stand made of wooden slats. To do this, you need different sizes of slats. In the first step, create the sides of the stand. Polished slats are arranged diagonally in such a way that diamonds are formed. The side length of this diamond must be slightly larger than the diameter of a bottle of wine. The whole structure must have a rectangular shape. After correct installation of the straps, they should be joined with screws and then the other side should be done the same. It is enough to connect both sides with a few long strips, their length should be smaller than the height of a bottle of wine. Such a wine table will perfectly fit into both the living room and the kitchen.

5. Carpet

Interesting and original rugs for the living room or children’s room do not have to be expensive. An interesting idea is to make them, for example, from felt. Felt is a material that can be easily found in any haberdashery store. The variety of colors makes it depend on our imagination what the carpet will look like. The finished felt pattern should be glued to the canvas and then sewn to the non-slip mat. This carpet will become a real decoration of many rooms.

6. Colorful pillows

How to liven up the interior in a fast, simple and cheap way? Pillows, of course. Thanks to them, you can significantly change the interior of the living room or room. Their implementation is simple, so you should do it yourself. All you need to do is stock up on various materials using a needle and thread. To fill, you can use a ready-made cassette, available in stores or an old cushion.

7. Night lamp from the bottle

An interesting solution when using an empty wine bottle is her bedside lamp. Just install the cable with the switch and bulb holder in the empty and washed bottle, add a lampshade and a light bulb, and the lamp will be ready. It can also be painted with glass paints.

8. Key hanger

Key hangers should be in every house, without this we throw away the keys in different places and often we have to look for them later. There are many ideas for creating key hangers. One of them is a hanger made of an old frame and cardboard. Such a hanger is quick to make. It is enough to combine a properly prepared frame with hot glue and decorative cardboard. Then screw the hooks, hang on the wall and ready. The problem with missing keys is solved in a stylish way.

9. Pot cover

Another idea for an interesting addition made by hand is the pot cover. It can be made with a string and hot glue. Just cover the old pot with a string and paint in any color.

10. Pouf from a tire and string

Twine can also be used to make a pouf with a tire. To make such a cushion, you need: a tire, two MDF boards cut into a circle with a tire diameter, a glue line, hot. Fasten the plates to the tire with screws, and then decorate the pouf with a glue-stretched cord. You can screw in legs or wheels.

There are many ideas for making furniture and accessories. Do you also have several items made by yourself in your homes or apartments.

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