10 home ways to clean furniture


There are many specialized agents for removing stains on various types of furniture. Unfortunately, not all are effective and sometimes even the best and most expensive detergents can not cope with a persistent stain. Then you should use the home methods for cleaning the furniture. If we decide to clean the furniture with household methods, we should do it with great caution, in accordance with the instructions, so as not to accidentally destroy the cleaned surface.

1. Black tea – the best ecological way to clean furniture

Cleaning furniture with tea? Why not! It turns out that the essence of black tea perfectly removes dust from wooden furniture. Decoction is prepared in the following way: 3-4 bags of black tea, pour 1 liter of water. Then wait for the tea to cool down and then, using a clean cloth, we rub the chicken. It is important that the cloth is well squeezed. If we notice that water remains on the cleaned surface, we should wipe it dry.

2.  Shoe polish best for cracks and scratches

If scratches due to mechanical damage are noticed while cleaning the furniture, they can be easily removed or properly covered with shoe polish. The color of the paste is selected for the color of furniture, usually they are different shades of brown. We apply a small amount of the paste to the scratched area, leave it for a moment to let the paste dry and absorb well, and then remove the remaining amount of paste with a damp cloth.

3. Hot water + soap flakes

Soap flakes are usually used to wash children’s clothing because they are mild and hypoallergenic. But that’s not their only use. It turns out that soap flakes are perfect as a means for cleaning furniture. Usually 1 glass of flakes is added per 1 liter of water. In this case, it is better to use a sponge for cleaning than a cloth because it may be too delicate. Soaps are used to clean very hard to remove stains. It is important to clean furniture and clean it up to date.

4. How do you clean wicker furniture?

An effective home remedy for wicker furniture is … oil! This liquid product is not lacking in any home. It is enough to soak a cloth with a little oil and polish it with wicker furniture. The effect will be amazing. Wicker will look like new – furniture will regain its shine. After cleaning the furniture with oil, remember not to use it immediately. The oil is fat and you need to wait a moment to absorb it in the wicker.

5. Olive oil and vinegar

A very good home remedy for cleaning wood furniture is a solution of vinegar and olive oil. It has not only cleaning but also caring properties. Olive adds warmth to furniture and prevents dust deposits. It is best to use a clean, absorbent cloth for cleaning. For the effect of cleanliness to last longer, you can wax the furniture with a special polish.

6. Bee wax is the best for cleaning leather furniture

Leather furniture looks very good visually, but unfortunately they require more attention when it comes to cleanliness. Their main disadvantage is the frequent deposition of dust on the skin, which is why they require frequent cleaning. If we care about the effective prevention of dust deposited on leather furniture, try the home-made effective way to quickly and long-term removal of dust on the leather upholstery. To achieve this effect, you need to obtain a bee wax. Before waxing, clean the upholstery with a damp cloth and only after drying, apply the wax on a clean and dry surface. After one hour, you can start polishing it.

7. Removing stains from a wine stopper

It turns out that the wine stopper is an excellent means of removing stains left on furniture, especially wooden ones. On the tables, tables, chests of drawers, there are often stains created as a result of impressing bottles, glasses and other glass objects on them. This type of stain can be removed just by means of a stopper. How? Rubbing the stain with traffic in circular motions until completely disappear. At the end, wipe this place with a damp cloth.

8. Extract of beer and bee wax

Extract from beer and bee wax as a cleaning agent – sounds odd, right? It turns out, however, that this is a great way to give gloss to furniture made of wood (especially oak) and leather. The remaining beer can be combined with beeswax. If the pia scent is too intense, it is better to open it the day before and only on the second day use it for cleaning. Then the smell will not be so sharp. Due to the wax content, the furniture can stick, so at the end it is worth wiping the furniture with a dry cloth for additional polishing.

9. Cleaning metal furniture

Are you the owner of metal furniture and wonder how to effectively get rid of rust? A very good home-made way is to prepare a preparation of vinegar and lime. Cleaning furniture in this way will help quickly and for long time get rid of unwanted ore on furniture. Such a solution will also help remove rust from knives, jars and other everyday objects.

10. Cleaning glass furniture

The glass table beautifully looks visually, but when it comes to keeping it clean, the case gets a bit complicated. Nevertheless, there are effective household ways to clean glass, e.g. a mixture of vinegar and alcohol. 1/3 cup with water, then add 1/3 alcohol and 1/3 vinegar. Clean the clean cloth with the prepared solution and already. The table is clean and without streaks. Vinegar effectively cleans the glass top and alcohol dries quickly. If you want a unique gloss, you should wipe the glass table with a plain black and white newspaper.

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