Wood impregnation methods.

Impregnation is the saturation of wood with various substances that are designed to protect this material from moisture, mold and weather conditions. The first information on the impregnation of wood dates back to the times of Ancient Egypt, when the most valuable wooden products were impregnated with cedar oil. For many centuries, animal and vegetable […]

10 things you do not know about wooden furniture.

1. Pine – the most commonly used material for furniture production. Currently, pine is used for the production of wooden furniture on the European market. It is easy to process, available and cheap. Pine has overtaken the rankings of oak, spruce, ebony and hornbeam. 2. Sofa – the most frequently mentioned piece of furniture in […]

Meet 10 ways to clean wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture is a decoration of every room. However, as with all the beautiful things you need to take care of them, so that they do not break down. Below are the 10 most effective ways to clean furniture. 1. Wood care products. Usually, specialized means are used to clean furniture, which not only clean […]